##Graduate research in the RNEL

The Kemere lab typically welcomes one to two new graduate students each year. We primarily welcome students in the Rice Electrical and Computer Engineering program, but also the Baylor College of Medicine Neuroscience program (Prof. Kemere is Adjunct Faculty at BCM), the SCBMB program, and other MD/PhD students from both BCM and UTHS, as well as students in the Applied Physics, SSPB, or BIOE programs at Rice. All of these programs have their own admissions processes. If you have applied and have been accepted to one of these programs, Prof. Kemere is happy to respond to questions to help you in your decision process.

If you are interested in working in the lab, please take a close look at our research (read the research sections on the website and related papers). Projects in the lab are focused on real-time neural signal processing technology and related scientific questions about how dynamic neural activity patterns support learning, memory, and motor behaviors (in Parkinson’s disease). Most of our projects involve teams of students working together, well-thought-out animal experiments, and signal processing / embedded systems development.

If you are thinking about applying feel free to send questions that aren’t answered above.

(Last Updated - January 2017).

Thanks for your interest!