Building new technologies for interfacing the brain

We are active in a number of neurotechnology development areas. This includes development of new flexible electrode materials and scalable insertion systems, development of small, battery-powered embedded systems for chronic experiments, and new imaging systems for fluorescence-mediated recording of neural activity.

Some recent papers include:

J. Juneau, G. Duret, J. T. Robinson & C. Kemere. Enhanced Image Sensor Module for Head-Mounted Microscopes. in Proc. 2018 IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Conf. (2018).

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A. K. Pediredla, S. Zhang, B. Avants, F. Ye, S. Nagayama, Z. Chen, C. Kemere, J. T. Robinson & A. Veeraraghavan. Deep imaging in scattering media with selective plane illumination microscopy. J. Biomed. Opt. 21, 126009 (2016). [DOI]

F. Vitale, S. R. Summerson, B. Aazhang, C. Kemere & M. Pasquali. Neural Stimulation and Recording with Bidirectional, Soft Carbon Nanotube Fiber Microelectrodes. ACS Nano 9, 4465–4474 (2015). [DOI]