Interested in joining our research team?

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The Realtime Neural Engineering Lab is always looking for talented individuals to join the lab. The ideal applicant would have experience doing neural recordings in awake behaving animals, strong data analysis skills, and a particular interest in real-time manipulation of neural coding. Applicants with a background in signal processing algorithms and the desire to shift focus to experimental neurobiology (i.e., learning techniques for electrophysiology in awake behaving rodents) will also potentially be considered.

Please send applications including an explanation of interest in particular projects, a CV, and contact information for two references to caleb.kemere [at]

Graduate Students

We primarily welcome students in the Rice Electrical and Computer Engineering program, but also the Baylor College of Medicine Neuroscience program (Prof. Kemere is Adjunct Faculty at BCM), the SCBMB program, and other MD/PhD students from both BCM and UTHS, as well as students in the Applied Physics, SSPB, or BIOE programs at Rice. All of these programs have their own admissions processes. If you have applied and have been accepted to one of these programs, Prof. Kemere is happy to respond to questions to help you in your decision process.

If you are interested in working in the lab, please take a close look at our research (read the research sections on the website and related papers). Projects in the lab are focused on real-time neural signal processing technology and related scientific questions about how dynamic neural activity patterns support learning and memory. Most of our projects involve teams of students working together, well-thought-out animal experiments, and algorithmic and or embedded systems development.

Undergraduate Students

During a typical semester at Rice University, there are one to four undergraduates in the lab doing research for course credit. The availability of these positions varies by year and depending on the ebb and flow of ongoing research projects. Undergraduates typically assist with animal behavioral experiments – interest and excitement about neuroscience in behaving animal models is a requirement for involvement in the lab. Students often additionally undertake embedded systems, computational model, or data analysis projects under the oversight of other lab members. Most projects are conducted as part of a team with graduate student or postdoctoral mentors.

If you are interested in working in the lab, please take a close look at our research (read the research sections on the website and related papers). Then, please send an email with your CV and a research statement explaining your interest in the lab (we can’t reply to all generic emails received). For student volunteers during the school year, we typically require a commitment of at least one full semester (multiple semesters are ideal) and at least 10 hours per week.

We occasionally welcome undergraduates who are not students at Rice University for summer internships, but this typically requries bringing outside financial support.